Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Impressions of Caye Caulker

 Caye Caulker is a laid back island paradise. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you out, sell you a Belikin (the official beer of Belize), and make you feel like a long lost friend. There are only dirt roads on the island and the stop signs are more like slow down and look signs. It's peaceful and safe here and Spencer and I are loving it!

We rented bikes today to explore the island. The island is small and the only methods of transportation are bicycles and golf carts. It was so fun to cruise around and see all the different shops, restaurants, docks, hotels, bars, houses, and guided tour signs. It felt so nice to just relax and not worry about anything other than "do I want another beer?" or "want to go swimming?"

Of course, we are also thinking about activities to do and places to explore. There is a plethora of ocean activities to partake in around the island. We are looking into in a tour to see manatees, renting kayaks to explore the northern island, and the ultimate adventure--a three day sailing trip including snorkeling the reef, fishing, and camping on beaches.

Today we swam in the clear Caribbean water by the split as we drank beers from the Lazy Lizard bar. They have tables in the water so you can sit with your feet in the water while drinking and eating. Reggae music blared from the speakers as we looked out over the water enjoying the sunshine.

As you can imagine, fresh seafood is everywhere and it is scrumptious! All the food we've eaten has been wonderful and served with a smile. Today we had grouper filets and an entire snapper (head and tail still attached!) both barbecued, with rice and beans, fries, and fresh fruit. As much as I love the locally made Belikin beer, I love the fresh squeezed fruit juices more. Today, we had mango juice with breakfast and lime juice with lunch. The lime juice was amaaazing! For dinner, we had Italian food with fancy drinks. Yummm.

Our first full day on Caye Caulker has been a tremendous success. We are having a very happy honeymoon!

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