Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waiting for Documents

Now that we have the positions lined up in Suncheon, we are just waiting for all our documents to get back to us. We received our apostilles for our degrees last week but we are still waiting for our apostilles for our FBI background checks. 

It's amazing how much verification you need! They really want to make sure that we are legitimate people. However, we are going to be teaching children, so I understand the thoroughness. I just want to get everything settled and get our visas in our passports and our plane tickets booked. Then, it will feel really official.

It's a kind of we're-moving-to-Korea lull. When we first uploaded our resumes to Dave's ESL Cafe, we got so many emails and phone calls from recruiters. We were actively searching for positions. Now that we have signed the contract, we are just waiting. Waiting for our background checks to come back...waiting to get our visas....waiting to find out when we are actually leaving on a plane to Korea (!!!)

All this waiting sometimes makes me forget we are moving to Korea at all! Especially with all the last minute wedding planning going on!

Everything has worked out really well for us, though. It's really good that we have jobs lined up in Korea already so we can focus solely on the wedding for the next couple of weeks. (There is still so much to do!!!)

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