Friday, July 8, 2011

High Rise Moving Day

High Rise Moving Day
Living in a high rise apartment building is pretty standard in Suncheon, South Korea. In the week and a half we've been here, I've counted about 25 of these huge living boxes and I'm sure there are more. With so many people living in high rises, it's no wonder they have come up with such a streamlined way to move.

When moving into a high rise, South Koreans have it down. This machine is a platform on a huge ladder-like lift. They simply move everything onto the platform and then send it up! It's genius! The platform rises pretty quickly, definitely more quickly than I thought it would go. Wouldn't this be great in New York, Paris, or Hong Kong? Moving would be a snap!

I love seeing new ways of doing ordinary things. It's one of my favorite parts about travel! Have you ever noticed something you thought was ordinary transformed into something extraordinary on your travels?

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