Monday, August 8, 2011

Travel Photo: Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

The skyscrapers in Hong Kong were magnificent! It was so cool to be standing on the street waiting for the light to change to cross and looking up and realizing there was so much more to look at up there.

The first picture was taken on our way back from Victoria's Peak. We met a retired Polish man who spent most of his life in France as an engineer but is now living in Bangkok as a base to travel around Asia. He was talking to us about all kinds of cool things: travel, life, how cheap it is to live in Bangkok, etc. and then all the sudden he says, "STOP! Look up!" and we see the first picture. It was amazing. He said, "I was here this morning and this is a wonderful sight!" Of course, I busted out the camera. He was right; it was a wonderful sight.

We told him we were headed for the Star Ferry and he said, "Oh, I know the way. I'm headed that way too. I will take you." So we walked and talked with him for about fifteen minutes. The passion and love he had for life, travel, exploring, culture, and beautiful sights/things just made my heart smile. This one little walk was such a great experience.

"This is why I love to travel" I told Spencer as we walked away from him, "these unexpected, little single-serving friendships that inspire me and make me feel so alive and passionate." I was smiling from ear to ear. I didn't get his name but the Polish/French/Thai old man totally made my week. I will never forget him.

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