Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beomeosa Temple

While visiting Busan, we found out there was a temple within the city limits and therefore, easily accessible via the metro. Being the temple lover that I am, I immediately wanted to visit!!

In order to make the best of our schedule, we decided to go to the temple and then straight to the bus station to head home. It was the best plan we could come up with at the time but it actually wasn't the best plan at all because we had to carry our backpacks all day.

It was so hot! Also, even though we only planned to be there for two nights, I still managed to pack a full pack. This just goes to show you that if you have the space, you will fill it up! I'm glad I only have a 45L!

Thankfully, Korea is a really safe country and once we made it to a central courtyard, we set them down where we could keep an eye on them. Once we dumped our packs, we were off to explore!

These are roof tiles that people pay to write wishes or prayers on. They will go into restoring or repairing the various buildings. Most of the buildings we say were fully renovated, at least from the outside, but we did see one that was pretty scraggly looking.

The sign says, "KEEP OUT." I think that's where the monks live.

After walking around for a while, we sat down here to relax. We were scared to go in because we didn't want to offend anyone by doing something inadvertently wrong. We'll have to look up Buddhist temple rules before we head out to another one. Lucky for us, there were some plastic chairs on the deck outside so we sat there and listened to the music they were singing. 

I meditated for about ten minutes and it was the best meditation of my life. It must have been the place and the good vibes from all the expert meditate-rs. I felt so good and happy afterwards! It actually inspired me to start up a more regular meditation practice.

Have you ever visited Beomeosa Temple? Do you like temples? Why or why not?


  1. Great shots! Never visited a Beomeosa Temple but the temples in Japan. Somewhat similar in how they incorporate nature around the structures.

  2. Thank you! I love visiting temples.

    We're headed to Japan in you recommend any temples or other great places to visit?