Thursday, October 6, 2011

Victoria's Peak in Hong Kong

If you have only one day or even a couple of hours in Hong Kong, then definitely don't miss a trip up to Victoria's Peak. Of course, something this great is undoubtedly inundated with tourists, but it's worth it--especially if the weather is nice. The line can be murderously long at times so it's best to go in the morning when there are less people.

the line

We showed up around noon and waited in line for a half an hour before we made it onto the tram. The area for the line is very wide and there was some sneaky cutting and light pushing. Thankfully, I had some patience that day and figured we'd just get there when we get there! Also, there are some cool old photos and displays to look at along the way. It made the line more bearable.

waiting for the tram

plaque on the tram

I was originally sitting down but then an older lady got on and she was going to have to stand so I gave her my seat. I stood in the middle where the floor is angled so you can keep a better grip while climbing on the crazy incline but it was still work just to stay standing! It was almost laughable how much I struggled!

The ride up is very steep! It's really fun to see the world from that angle. Also, there are a couple good views of the skyline on the way and everyone says "ooohhhh!" and "ahhhhhh!" It's exciting and made me feel like a kid again, discovering something new for the first time. 

After getting off the tram, we went up about twenty escalators all the way to the top viewing deck. It was a beautiful clear day and we were able to see the harbor and skylines perfectly.  

I was in awe! It's an amazing sight. 

See our Flickr for more pictures from Victoria's Peak and the rest of Hong Kong.
The tram costs HK$65 (about US$8.35) to ride the tram and go to the viewing platform and HK$41 (about US$5.27) to just ride the tram. Click here to go to the official website for Victoria's Peak. 


  1. I'm definitely doing this next time I'm in HK, didn't get to do it the 1st time!

  2. I'm missing Hong Kong already! I love the views from Victoria's peak. I even managed to spend a few hours sketching that iconic view!

  3. Andi - It's definitely worth it!

    Amer - A couple of hours at the top sounds wonderful! You really got to soak in the view!