Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things I Miss

If you caught my previous post, you know I am currently in a funk. I'm perking up a bit now that my cold seems to be finally subsiding (yay!) but while I was down I was thinking about all the things I miss most about life in Califonia. I know this is super counter productive and bad for me when I know I can't get any of these things BUT it also helps to just write it out and then let it go.
So here it is, the things I miss the most:
  • random conversations with strangers - now we have random interactions with strangers which are funny in their own right but not as good as convos
  • decent chewing gum - for reals...the flavor lasts about three minutes tops
  • Mexican food - especially chips and good salsa, avocados, and street tacos
  • being able to read store signs - Imagine walking into your local Target and they changed everything around over night. Then imagine that there are no signs anywhere pointing you in the right direction. How do you find what you need? You walk. Around. EVERYWHERE. It can be very frustrating.
  • wall to wall carpeting - It feels so nice! ...but floor heating is pretty cool, too.
  • magazines - I love glossy paper and I love being able to read the words on it.
  • NPR on my car radio every morning - NPR is awesome. Sometimes I stream it online but listening every morning on the way to work really kept me in the loop on global events.
  • bookstores where I can read the merchandise - I love bookstores. The smell alone makes me want to spend hours in there. Of course, I can't spend hours in there if I can't read any of the books. Well, I could but I totally would never do that.
  • diversity - This is kinda funny, but whenever I see someone who is not Korean, I am surprised.
  • driving to San Francisco to visit friends - I miss SF, my friends that live there, and all the glorious things we can do together. It's a great city.
  • yoga class - I'm not very good at keeping up a regular home practice but I love to take classes. I know there are some yoga classes available in Suncheon but I've been reluctant to go. Mostly because what really makes a good class is the teacher and what they're saying and how they say it. I do want to try and take a class though because I'm curious to see the Korean approach to yoga. 
  • online shopping- Online shopping is brilliant. I used to shop online allll the time back at home. I think it's so great because you get that happy I-just-bought-something-new-and-beautiful feeling not once, but TWO times: when you first purchase it and when it comes in the mail. It's so much fun. (p.s. practically no one ships to Korea.)
  • Target - I miss the familiarity of it. I miss knowing all the brands and which ones I like. I miss the cheap clothes and the cute home decor.
  • soft beds - A lot of Koreans sleep on the floor so I should be happy I even have a bed! Still, my bed at home was a pillow top mattress with memory foam and my bed here is like sleeping on the floor with three sleeping bags underneath. Not really hard, but hard enough.
  • comet (the cleaning product) - I used to clean with it a lot back home and can't find anything like it here. Now, I use bleach with water and I miss the green foam.
  • having an oven - I was so spoiled before; I had a toaster oven AND a big oven! Now, I have none. We are planning on buying a toaster oven.
  • turkey sandwiches - My BFF told me I would miss them and she was totally right. Turkey sandwiches are delicious and sorely missed.

Just a wee note: these are all the things I miss from home. There are also many people I miss from home and I'm sure you know who you are! Love you guys! <3

What do you miss most from home when you travel??


  1. Hee, great list. :)

    I know what I am going to miss when I live in Taiwan - a great sandwich. Sounds sillly, I know. My husband says that Taiwan has those Starbucks crummy sanwhiches. Toast with ham & cheese. That will simply not do!

    My oven broke, so I am so used to not having an oven now. :)

  2. thanks for the comment Eileen! :) I think I really under-appreciated the value of a great sandwich when I was back home. I've heard nothing but great things about Taiwan! Have fun there!