Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Odongdo - A Day Trip to Yeosu

Over the Lunar New Year holiday, we took a day trip to the coastal city of Yeosu. It's only about 25 minutes on the train from Suncheon and is the home of a lot of islands both big and small as well as the next World Expo. We heard from our coworkers about a great little island to visit that you can walk out to on a bridge and decided to check it out. It's called Odongdo or Odong Island.

Upon walking out of the train station, you are cast immediately into the expo area. This will be great once the expo is open but kinda sucked for us because we had to walk all the way around it on some sketchy will-be-sidewalks-one-day paths to get to our destination. We took a short cut through the construction site and got told, very politely, that it was dangerous and we had to get out. The walk seemed to take forever but the buildings under construction look like they're going to be very cool. Spencer was very worried about their upcoming deadline of opening day, May 12, 2012, and kept saying, "The buildings aren't even finished!"

About thirty minutes later, we finally got to the bridge. The ocean was deep blue, gorgeous, and dotted with islands in the distance. It was a very nice winter day, perfect for a stroll.

The island is very small and easy to navigate via a series of wooden pathways. There is a lighthouse, a couple snack shops, at least one souvenir store (we only went in one, there might have been more), a cave, and many places to head down to the rocks to be near the water.

The walking paths are very nice.

our first view of the lighthouse

Cave of Dragon

There were a few men fishing from the rocks. Spencer took this picture and I absolutely love it.

There is a little museum and you can go to the top of the lighthouse but, sadly, both were closed the day we visited. The car belongs to the person who lives on the island to run the lighthouse and their house is to the left.

There were some great old trees, spritely bushes, bamboo...
...and one very silly tree


  1. I saw the IT tree yesterday^^ tickled me. nice blog.

    1. Thank you! ...and hehehehe that tree is so silly! :)