Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fish Spa in Seoul

Have you ever had little fish eat dead skin off your feet? I have and at first, I couldn't handle it! Those little fishies were tickling me sooooo much! Also, I was the only person with my feet in the fish tank so they were all on me like savages. I could only leave my feet in for a few seconds before I would squeal and yank them out.

Here's a video (from my iPod) of me putting my feet in with the savage fish:

Those guys were crazy! Thankfully, there was another tank and the fish were a bit more calm. It felt really strange at first but I soon got used to it and actually enjoyed myself. The water in the tank with the calm fish was noticeably cooler. Maybe that's why they were more relaxed? I'm not sure.

The place we went to in Seoul was in Gangnam and really easy to find. It's actually at a cafe called Book and Spa Cafe. First you buy something from the cafe (coffee, tea, snacks...general cafe stuff) and tell the cashier that you want to do the fish spa. First you enjoy your beverages or snacks and then you can do the fish spa. Also available to snack on (free of charge) are bread and jam, generic tea, and simple snacks (like you would find in a bar). There are signs in English to help you understand what to do and the staff can speak very basic English, at least the staff working when we went could.

How to get there: Take the subway to Gangnam station and exit from exit 10. Walk straight until you see this bear:
The Book and Spa Cafe is right above this shop on the second floor. The shop is hilariously called Teenie Weenie. When looking at the bear, look left and you will see the door to the elevator and the stairs to get to the second floor.


  1. Hahaha! They look like they would tickle, too. I want to try the "dr. fish," but i'm always scared that they might bite off more than just my dead skin. Plus, I'm really ticklish. I probably wouldn't last more than 5 seconds!

    1. The ones in the first tank were definitely tickling me to death but the other ones were more relaxed and it felt good. Also, I think if you had some friends with you, maybe there would be less fish eating you! :)

  2. Teenie Weenie always makes me laugh! I remember first seeing it whilst being very drunk and giving a piggyback to a rather muscular (straight) Korean lifeguard. My back hurt the next day.

    The fish DO tickle like hell but I somehow managed to endure it - mainly because I didn't want to look like a wimp in front of a shop full of strangers.

    1. The name Teenie Weenie makes me giggle!!