Friday, March 16, 2012

The Next Big Trip - Southeast Asia

Hi friends! :) I am so excited about our upcoming trip that I can't wait to tell you all, even though it's still months away.

Spencer and I will be spending four months in SE Asia starting December 1st!

rough itinerary - original map from here
We are really enjoying living and working in Suncheon, South Korea. So much, in fact, that we are extending our contract for five months. Our contract ends in July but we're going to hang on for a bit longer to earn some extra cash and enjoy another fall season. (Fall is absolutely lovely in Korea.)

We've only recently begun planning the trip and I've been scouring blog archives, reading Lonely Planet, and checking Gogobot for ideas of itineraries, special places to visit, visa information, foods to try, and what to expect. When planning, I usually like to read as much as I possibly can about our destinations while never setting anything into stone. I like to know what's out there but not really plan anything to keep our options open and be able to take advice from fellow travelers while we're there. That way we can also stay longer in one area if we like it and it feels more like we are exploring.

Our itinerary as of now: I'm thinking we are going to fly in and out of Bangkok and make a kind of loop. Here's the plan as of now (I'm sure it will change many times before December!) Start in Bangkok or Phuket and then explore southern Thailand's beaches and limestone cliffs. From there head back up north to Chiang Mai, Thailand and over to Burma. After Burma, go back east to Laos. After Laos, hop over to Hanoi and then travel all the way down Vietnam, beach by beach (possibly via motorbike!). Once we get to the bottom of Vietnam, head east to Cambodia for a while. Lastly, go to Bangkok for our flight back to the States for some family time and weddings. 

Have you been to SE Asia? I would love any advice you have to give!