Monday, March 19, 2012

They Draw & Travel

I love when travel and art come together to make fantastic things and They Draw & Travel does just that with super fun maps created by artists living around the globe and collected on their site

There are over 500 maps to browse through and since anyone can submit a map, there are many styles and layouts. Most of the maps have travel advice worked into them, whether it be via text or graphics highlighting things to do. You can search through them using a variety of parameters set into three categories: vibe, region, and art style.

They also have an online shop and they are putting together a book, both from which artists receive royalties. I'd love to make something for them one day...I'll have to keep working on my drawing skills!

I found They Draw & Travel while reading the first issue of the beautiful travel magazine, Wayfare.


  1. I LOVE this site! Have spent many hours on it already haha.

    1. Everything is so pretty! How could you not spend hours looking through all that beautiful work?? :)