Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome Spring

 Hi friends! Sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I've been super sick. One day I went to work, taught one class, and then my boss looked at me and said, "I think your condition is not good. You can't teach today. You should go home." I have never been more grateful to be sent home from work! So, after three visits to the doctor in two weeks, I'm now on my third round of antibiotics and am hoping that it will be my last.

One positive thing that's happened during that time is that Spring is finally here! :) I'm so happy to see the longer days and rising temperatures. I've noticed the roses I walk by on the way to school are starting to wake up from their winter slumber and all the flower shops are beginning to keep their plants and flowers outside again. I no longer need to wear leggings or tights under my jeans everyday, and today I even went out without a scarf!

My goal is to enjoy every Spring day and be grateful for the beautiful weather. It's just the beginning of Spring now and it's still pretty cold in the mornings and at night but it's still exciting. Plus, I know once the humidity of Summer hits, I'll be wishing for Fall, so I really want to enjoy the transition from cold to hot.

Spring also means the emergence of cherry blossoms and I can't wait to see some flowering trees and hopefully make it to this cherry blossom festival, butterfly festival, and green tea festival. There's so much to do! :) 

If you'll be in Seoul this Spring, here are the "Best Spring-time Destinations" from the Korean Tourism Board.

I hope Spring is in the air wherever you are!


  1. Thanks for the info! I was telling my boyfriend that I wanted to go to the cherry blossom festival when I got there. I'm so excited I'll be arriving during Spring...before the terrible humid summer arrives!

    1. Spring is going to be great! You really are coming at an amazing time. :) You'll be here before you know it! Yay!