Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Trip to Gurye - "The Road to Nature"

Now that spring is fully upon us and the weather has warmed up, our school has been having a lot of field trips with the kindergarteners. As teachers, we switch off going with the students. A couple of weeks ago they went to Suncheon Bay and just last Friday we to "The Road to Nature" in Gurye.

Our main goal as teachers is to take as many pictures of the kids having a good time as possible. We are constantly posing the kids for pictures and getting action shots of them running around. It feels like we're the paparazzi, but the parents like to see pictures of their kids having a good time. And at a private English academy in Korea, it's all about what the parents want.

buddy system
Einstein Class - Jay, Suzie, June, Kevin, Lily, and Alice
They were most impressed with the turtle...which is definitely not an insect, but still cool.

As I was taking that last photo, the kids were looking into a small pond filled with bright orange fish. I said, "Look at all the fish! There are so many fish." Then the girl in front turns around and says, "There are so many grandmothers!" hahahaha

Next, we met up with the other classes and ate our lunches: multiple kinds of kimbap, fresh fruit, sticky rice wrapped in tofu, and snacks. 

Notice the Angry Bird drink! They are obsessed.

mini banana!
 All the kids ran around on the grass and then we left to head back to Suncheon.

sunshine and freedom!