Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cycling to Suncheon Bay

Spring is here and the weather has been gorgeous. There are sunny blue skies, fresh breezes, and flowers blooming everywhere. We are loving every minute of it and trying to fully enjoy it before the horribly hot, sticky summer arrives.

A couple weekends ago we took our bikes out to Suncheon Bay. We heard it was a nice, easy ride and good for a day trip. We've been to Suncheon Bay once before but we've heard the reeds are always changing and so it's cool to go at different times of the year to see the changes in the environment.

The bike ride down was easy and relaxing. It took us about an hour but we stopped a few times to take pictures. They are currently doing some construction (installing a monorail) and going through the construction zones was a bit rocky. Most of the time, we had a nice path like the one below.

Most of the land along the river was left wild and we saw some cool birds and men fishing under big umbrellas.

The path got a little nicer and then we were there.

We got in half price since we live in Suncheon. Score! :)

I'm no sure if they stepped up their game since the Yeosu Expo just opened or it's like this every year in the spring, but the flowers were amazing!

California poppies! :) a little taste of home
Spencer with the fountain
water garden in a pot
The first thing we did was eat lunch in this super cool little hut.

Then we were off to go hike the little mountain to the look out point. We walked through the mud fields of reeds on raised wooden walkways with all the other people out enjoying the beautiful day. There were groups of screaming kids, a tour group of elderly people, young couples, old couples...just about anyone and everyone, really.

You have two options when hiking up to the lookout point:

Here's both trail heads:

We chose the mediation path which is more of a big ramp up the side of the mountain. On the way up we spotted a traditional Korean graveyard.

The view from the top is great and I wish we could have stayed a bit later in the day. I think it would be an excellent place to watch the sunset. However, we still had to bike home and wanted to do so in daylight.

Here's a panorama picture I took using the Photosynth app on my iPod touch.

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  1. WOW! What an incredible place to ride your bike!!! Love the daisies.