Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

Last weekend we took a day trip to the tiny town of Hampyeong for their annual Butterfly Festival. With the town being so small, you'd think the festival would follow suit, but no. The festival was huge!

There were giant greenhouses absolutely bursting with plants. There was one filled with flowers for the butterflies and there were smaller greenhouses inside it filled with even more butterflies. You could walk in some of them and see them all swirling around you.

Can you see the flower shaped lights? So cute!
mini greenhouse entrance on the left
inside the mini greenhouse
There was one filled with desert landscapes with signs warning of the dangers of cacti and there was one filled with tropical plants with misters to mimic the rainforest complete with waterfall and coy pond (think rainforest/Korean fusion here, people).

There was a pumpkin arch. Yes, an arch (!) with all different kinds of pumpkins growing over it with the vegetables hanging down. I was surprised and awed by how well the plants grew that way.

Then there were the endless outdoor activities. There was a big stage set up and while we walked in a lady in a hanbok was singing while an old lady in the front danced by herself. She was loving life in that moment!

There were two huge mushroom shaped structures completely covered with flowers. They must have been three stories high! I can only image how long it must have took to get all those flowers on there! It was gorgeous and doubled as a good shady spot for people to sit in.

stage and spectacular flower mushrooms

There were tents selling food, tents selling goods, and tents with arts and crafts activities for the kiddos. Korea is very family oriented and the festival was filled with families out enjoying the sunny day.

There were huge bugs everywhere, too.

There was a little museum with lots of butterfly displays. This one was my favorite: butterflies from around the world! The one on Australia is so big!

The street lights were even decked out! How cute is that little caterpillar?

Then there was the massive field of yellow mustard flowers where painted cow statues stood. The whole field was alive with the buzzing of bees and I was thankful I didn't wear any colorful clothing that might attract them.


There was a little area showcasing the way Koreans used to farm with old tools, a mini farm display, and a cow. Check out that gnarly nose ring!

Did I mention the gorgeous landscaping, yet? 

There were some very funny characters out and about--some statues...

...and some dangerous looking stilt walkers!

If you can believe it, there was even one building that we were about to go in but then we saw the people on stilts and forgot to go in. There was so much to do and see!

P.S. Hey Mom, look! I'm wearing the dress you sent me! :) Thank you!


  1. It looks fun! So many colors :).. and I was going to say, cute dress! :)

  2. Ohmygod I didn't go cos I thought it would be kinda lame, but it looks AMAZING! Considering a trip there anyway...wonder how easy it'd be to spot and snap the butterflies??

    1. I was really surprised with how big it was. When I looked up the place on Google maps, I saw that the town was small and figured the festival would be too. Boy, was I wrong!

      I think you could totally just go and see most of the cool stuff. The town is tiny and the festival area is super easy to find. When you get to the bus station, walk out to the street and turn left left. The road will end at a larger road, then turn right. You will see a huge statue of a bull on the left and it's all just there to the left. You should be able to see the big greenhouses and stuff.