Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Korean BBQ

My favorite Korean food is definitely barbeque. The best part is, you cook the meat yourself on a grill built into the table. It's fun and you get to cook it exactly like you like it! It's great for me because I like my meat cooked well, with some black on it. Of course, this always causes the wait staff to think that we're just silly foreigners who don't know how to cook and they come over and "fix" it for us. :)

After the meat is almost done cooking, you use scissors to cut it up. It's super efficient and way easier than knives and forks. The restaurant we went to mixes egg and chopped kimchi to sort of bake on the sides of the grill. It's delicious!

We also got sides, kimchi soup, and beer. Everything you need for a good night out in Korea! :)

Here you have (starting top left and going clockwise) pickled radish, kimchi, some kind of oily/spice/sesame seed mixture, garlic, Korean red sauce (YUM! Suncheon is known for its good red sauce), and I can't remember what the powder stuff is.
the best kimchi soup in Suncheon
We also ordered kimchi soup because this restaurant has the most delicious kimchi soup I have had in Korea. It's spicy and kind of almost creamy, like tomato soup. It's amazing.

It's hardly a night out to barbeque if you don't have some beer. The little glass is for mixing beer and soju but we didn't drink any soju that night since it was a school night. Can you imagine being hungover while trying to teach this lot? No, thank you! 

A big thanks to our friends Rachel and Jonathan for introducing us to this restaurant. It's one of our faves in Suncheon!

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  1. Let's go out to dinner this weekend :D I can't wait to see you!