Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Green Tea Fields of Boseong

Almost a year into our stay here and we still have a handful of things left to do on our Korean bucket list. Last weekend we decided to knock one out by taking a trip out to a little town nestled in the mountains called Boseong.

Boseong is home to the largest and most popular green tea farms in all of Korea. There are lots of different farms in the Boseong area but the most famous and tourist friendly one is called Daehan Dawon. Daehan Dawon was established in 1957 and has about 5.8 million tea plants.

It's definitely a place to escape the big city and enjoy the sights and smells of nature. It had rained the day before our trip and smell of the wet soil and clean air was so refreshing. There are great, big trees everywhere that were planted back in the late fifties to make a "shelterbelt" for the tea plants and it was so nice to meander through the trees around the fields. With the number and variety of trees, it's going to be absolutely stunning in the fall.

At first, we went the wrong way. Up this path:

We walked a little while, found some wild strawberries, and then realized we were probably going the wrong way when we didn't see the iconic rows of tea plants and went down. The silliest part was, we learned to read Korean and some of the few words we know in Korean are the words for green tea. I'm just so used to never understanding signs here that we didn't even bother to stop and read the path markers! Oh, well. The accidental path was actually really gorgeous and we found the strawberries so that was cool. Getting lost is usually quite fun, really!

After that, we read some signs and found the tea pretty quickly. Man, was it a sight to see!

We visited early in the morning to beat the June heat and the crowds. I'm so glad I forced myself to get up early on a Saturday. Not only was the weather perfect but we got to get some great photos without people photo bombing us. By noon, the place was pretty crowded and we started to make our way home. 

Of course, we had to stop by the shop before we left and they had a bunch of souvenirs for sale (a lot of it made in Thailand or China). We bought a big bag of whole tea leaves from the farm itself for 5,000 won (about $5) and a couple green tea milk shakes for the walk back through the trees to the road.  


  1. Seriously, has every blogger in Korea except me been there?!? Need to get there this summer, it's been on my Korea "to do" list for as long as I can remember! Great write up and great photos :D

    1. It's gorgeous! Go in the morning if you can for less people and cooler temps.