Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living in the Moment

Some of the happiest people I know are those who focus on the present. They seem to always think the future can wait and the past is where it belongs, in the past.

I've been trying to implement this mindset into my life but it's more challenging than you think. I've realized that I'm constantly thinking about the future. I'm a planner, and I'm always thinking of places to go or different life paths to take, which isn't a horrible trait to have...but I think if you live in the present you can change your life. 

By being mindful of the present, you can make the most of your time. If you experience every moment, it will feel like you are really living instead of just going through the motions. I've found that I notice more things around me, I'm more engaged with my students, and I'm more grateful for the good things in my life.

To get  myself in the present, I'll literally tell myself things like, "I'm riding my bike. I feel strong. The breeze is so refreshing." I just tell myself what I'm doing and then I try and think of adjectives to describe it. It's so simple but has been effective in getting my mind out of the negative aspects of life in Korea and focused on all the great things we have here. There is joy in every day and I'm trying to notice it and be grateful for it.

I have to work at it everyday, but it's worth it. Instead of feeling sullen and unhappy in our last five months, I hope I'll be able to enjoy life. I'm trying to change my mindset and make myself a more happy person.

After all, that's what it's all about: being happy.  

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