Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The McDonald's Voyage

We've made a rule. If we want McDonald's, we have to walk there and it's really far away. Like, 2.2 miles one way according to Google maps. It usually takes us over three hours to walk, eat, and walk back.

We don't go very often but when we do, we get to see all kinds of new things in Suncheon. McDonald's is in the "old downtown" and we live and mostly stay in the "new downtown". There are some great things on the other side of town and we often get lost trying to find our way, which is good for making new discoveries.

We always try to remember which way to go for the next time we decide to urban hike at night to eat fast food but it never works. It's simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating because it feels like we are truly exploring--one of the greatest pleasures in life.

On our latest McDonald's trek we took some pictures to document the experience. I don't have a lot of experience with night photography (none, really!) but I think a few of them turned out pretty good. I hope you enjoy!

lanterns up to celebrate Buddha's birthday
a thumbs up statue! just what every city needs
small temple
look at that teeny fire hydrant!
play ground called "sik-holz" ....looks like some foreigners might have written that
some people were setting up for a little festival along the river and we walked through this marvel
the roses are exploding everywhere right now
an empty lot FULL of red poppies, it was so beautiful
lights off the Suncheon river
a bad ass motorcycle and a timid little kitty sticker
happy truck is happy

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