Monday, August 27, 2012

Lava Tube Caves on Jeju Island

One of the most popular sites to visit on Jeju Island is the Manjanggul Lava Tube Cave. It's recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site and for good reason: it's an amazing piece of geological history.

the Manjanggul cave entrance is magical
Plus, it's just cool. You get to walk inside a cave created by flowing liquid hot magma. Rock so hot it turned into fiery-red-jelly-goop. How cool is that??! I think it's amazing the things our Earth can do.

The cave is dimly lit and the ground is a little uneven (because it's MAGMA rocks!!) but even wearing flip flops and a dress, I was fine. Also, the temperature inside the cave is very cool. It was a great escape from the hot, sticky heat of summer.

floor of the Manjanggul cave
They put some colored lights in to highlight some of the cooler parts of the cave. I wish I had a tripod to take some better photos of the shapes and light.

Manjanggul, Jejudo
jumping pictures with Koreans in Manjanggul :) priceless
We got there by taking the bus from the Jeju City bus terminal to the Manjanggul stop. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. Most of the people on our bus got off at our stop and there are a couple big billboards advertising the cave and another attraction along the road, a hedge maze. From the bus stop, it is about 5 kilometers inland to the cave.

We were waiting for a taxi when we decided to stick our thumbs out and a very kind professor let us pile in his car. However, his son in the back seat didn't look to happy about his dad's decision, as four of us crammed into the back seat with him. (hahaha!) The professor actually visited Fresno State for a while, which is about two hours from where I grew up. How crazy is that?? They took us as far as he was going. We walked the rest of the way, which was only about 700 meters.Thanks Mr. Kind-Sir!!

a little extra info on the Manjanggul Lava Tube

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