Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yeosu Expo

So, we went to the Expo. Almost every single one of my students had gone, we only live about 20 minutes away on the train, and our Seoul friends really wanted to go, so we went.

I didn't really want to go because I heard it was super crowded with long lines everywhere and not enough amenities (like benches and one time even, food!) to go around. When the Expo first opened, there was a lot of negative comments about the shoddy organization. I heard some horror stories from my students and coworkers.

Yeosu Expo main walkway through the International Pavilions
Because of all of this, when we went I was expecting nothing good. I was happy to have friends visiting but beyond that, I had no hopes other than a real German beer, which I knew would be there because of a picture I saw on Facebook from another English teacher.

Let me ask you this, what better creates a perfect day than expecting nothing?? Nothing. Nothing makes for better exploration and joy than low expectations.

We had a great time making our way through the different countries. We sampled coffee in Kenya, drank beer in Russia and Germany, danced in a parade-like-thing with people from all over the world, saw cool street performances at seemingly every turn, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

mosaic in Tunisia, Yeosu Expo
beers in Germany, Yeosu Expo
acrobat from Romania, Yeosu Expo
Switzerland's awesome mirror/pool + projectors reflection room, Yeosu Expo
Thai boxing performance, Yeosu Expo
parade/dance that we eventually joined in on, Yeosu Expo
We stayed at the Expo for about 12 hours and still didn't see everything (it's HUGE!) but I'm really glad we went and I feel like I didn't miss anything I really wanted to see.  

our crew at the Yeosu Expo <3

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