Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Day in the Life

Hit snooze.

Hit snooze or maybe get up.

Definitely get up. I eat breakfast, peruse the internet, and get ready for work.

Walk or bike to work, or taxi if the weather is extreme or I'm extremely late.

The bell rings and I go collect my kindergarten (aka kindy) class, nine kids all about 4 years old called "The Smurfs." They are the highlight of my day and having them first makes it easier to go in to work every day.

They are so adorable, right??!

Class is over. Take them upstairs to wash their hands, drop them with the Korean kindergarten teacher, who they eat lunch with, and go get my lunch.

Every two months or so we eat lunch with a kindy class. I despise eating lunch with the kids. The food at our school isn't the greatest cafeteria food and I hate having to force kids to eat everything. They seriously eat way more rice than I do every day. All the other teachers don't seem to mind it too much.

Lunch ends and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I have one class where I teach arts and crafts or science to a kindy class and then have a break. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a break for two class periods until 2:30pm when the older kids arrive.

All the kindy kids go home and elementary kids start showing up, running in and kicking off their shoes as fast as they can. I don't know why they're in such a hurry to go sit in class.

For the next five and a half hours, I teach 6 classes back to back. As my day goes on, my students get older and more advanced, which means my day gets better and better. I love being able to have actual conversations with my students.

I find it a bit odd, but I love the kindergarteners and the older kids. I don't really like the 8-9 year old kids who are beginners. Teaching that age/level combo takes a lot of energy and creativity to get them to understand everything. Slowly, they start to get it but it takes a while.

I'm FREE! Work is over and I walk or ride my bike home. Sometimes, I stop at the bakery to buy bread or the market to buy groceries for dinner.

On weekday nights, we don't really do much. We watch some TV shows, occasionally go for a walk or run, play on the internet, do housework, plan trips for the weekend, read, or I do craft projects. Mostly, it's just playing on the internet, reading, watching TV, and housework. We're pretty low key.

Bed time. Sweet dreams!

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