Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yeosu Aquarium

The Yeosu World Expo is over but it left behind a great little treat for anyone visiting the area, the aquarium!

The aquarium was once part of the Expo and required at least a two hour wait in line to get in. Now there is no line and all the wonderful sea creatures are still there. It's perfect for an afternoon out if you live in the area.

We spent about two hours at the aquarium, really took our time, and saw everything. We showed up at about lunch time so the first thing we did was head to the food court. The food looks a lot better than the plastic displays they have out front. The pizza looked terrible in the display was actually looked good on other people's tables. Plus, they have English menus--yay!

Then we just started wandering around. There are three main sections: the big animal section with belugas, otters, sea lions, etc., the rainforest room with lots of smaller fish, and the massive tank area complete with small sharks, turtles, and two gigantic sting rays.

In the big animal section, you can see the belugas and the sea lions from both underwater and above the water, so make sure you walk up the stairs to check them out from above. If we stood right up against the glass, the belugas would pop up and say hello! It was so awesome! They were super friendly and constantly playing with their toy and popping up to visit with us.

The rainforest room was pretty cool. The decor was awesome but the fish selection was a little meh. I liked the piranha circle tank the best. They are so pretty and sparkly!

The massive tank was very impressive. There are two entrances, one to walk into the tank through a glass tunnel and one to go see the tank from underwater. I think it's best to walk through the tunnel first and then go down and see the whole tank. The tunnel is really cool but you can see everything much better in the room.

I could stay all day watching the the fish swim. It's so magical and calming.  

Also, there are shows! There are three women who do tricks in the water to the music from The Little Mermaid. The program was all in Korean so we didn't know what was happening and were so happy we just happened to be there during one of the shows. I think they are everyday at 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 but I'm not sure.

Here's part of the show:

Underwater Performance at the Yeosu Aquarium from destination exploration on Vimeo.

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