Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dilemmas and Delights

With the change of seasons, I'm really missing all the fun festivities from home: visits to the pumpkin patch, corn mazes, Halloween parties, pumpkin pies, and fake spider's webs decorating every store. Still, this week has been great in retrospect. Sure, I had my lows but it wasn't so bad. In fact, the end turned out absolutely wonderful because we got LASIK eye surgery yesterday!

Ready to get lasers shot in our eyes!
  • It's getting cold earlier this year. Since I don't like the cold, I'm so happy to be leaving it soon and know I won't be suffering through another long, Korean winter.
  • Jealousy of people who are traveling. I know this is silly since I myself am not even in my home country, but I want to be adventuring too! 
  • "Parents' viewing" is an open class where parents come to see their kindy children at Wonderland. We have to plan and practice this day for weeks. The preparation has just begun and is already infuriating. I don't even want to explain why this sucks so badly because it's Sunday and want to get on enjoying my time away from this.
  • Due to LASIK, I have to be super careful with my eyes to let them heal properly and not get an infection. That means I can't let water even run over my closed eyes for a week, I can't wear mascara for three weeks, and I have to wear protective plastic eye guards while I sleep so I don't rub my eyes in my sleep for a week. There are some other rules, but these are the toughest for me!

  • I found the most charming little cafe to spend a long afternoon break from work. It has a tiny little outside seating area with lots of greenery and some flowers. It really feels like I am a world away from work and is so relaxing. 
  • Night time walks after work are so refreshing. This week we walked around a couple places we don't usually explore and that made for a couple of fun evenings.
  • Payday! Yay!
  • Sending presents to my friends in the States. Snail mail is such fun and I love being able to send people treats! It makes me feel good to spread the love.
  • I got LASIK!! Even after the dilemmas mentioned above, LASIK is so worth it. It's the very next day and I can see perfectly without glasses. I'll have some minor inconveniences for a few weeks, sure, but afterwards I'll have perfect vision. The results will effect my life in a positive way for years to come. The Korean LASIK experience was fast, easy, and affordable. We walked in without an appointment, got test, and got the procedure done all in one day!  
  • After LASIK, your eyes sting for about 4-5 hours and the best thing to do is just to lay with your eyes closed or sleep. So, we downloaded some podcasts and audiobooks to listen to. I've really been enjoying The Hobbit read by Rob Inglis. He's a wonderful reader with great voices for all the characters.

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