Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dilemmas and Delights

This is my third post in the Dilemmas and Delights series and the more I write them, the more I realize that my problems are manageable and aren't that bad. I find myself writing more things I like than I don't like in my journal every day and I'm glad for it. Still, I stand firm on the fact that we need the bad to realize the good. Life is all about balancing the two. 

Even though life was hard for me a few weeks ago, now I'm fine. I'm happy and contented with where I am in life and where I'm going. I really think that living and surviving life's hard times makes you more prepared to battle more hard times in the future. And there will always be hard times. Always. It's how we manage ourselves during difficult days and weeks that matters. We're allowed a day of sulking in bed as long as the next day we get up, get dressed, and find something to lift our spirits. Balance.


"I think this is so true. We must be busy enough to not be bored but with enough free time to feel free and unrestricted. Life is all about balance. We have to balance everything. Finding the right balance is a constant struggle but that's life. We need the bad to know when it's good, as most of us know. I think we must always strive to be the best versions of ourselves and not lose sight of our dreams and what is in front of us in every moment." -from my journal after seeing the above picture

  • My eyes get tired easily and I have to take breaks from the computer or reading to just sit with them closed. This was especially difficult on Wednesday afternoon when they were really tired and I still had to teach for hours. They are getting stronger though.
  • Showering is difficult when you can't get your face wet. 
  • The tape given to us to secure the plastic eye covers we had to sleep with was awful and made my skin feel bad.
  • So many eye drops! They leave a nasty taste in the back of my throat sometimes that makes me hack.
  • The copier was broken one afternoon when I waited last minute to copy a worksheet for a class I was about to teach. Good thing on the fly teaching is a piece of cake for me now! 
  • Spencer got poked in the eye by a kid on Friday which, needless to say, hurt him a lot! Poor guy.

  • Even through all the inconveniences from LASIK listed above, it is SO worth it! It's amazing being able to see without glasses or contacts. Amazing!
  • Good TV - There is so much good TV on these days! I'm especially enjoying Homeland, Walking Dead, and Modern Family.
  • Ate the best burger I've had in Korea. It had pineapple and BBQ sauce on it and my mouth is watering just thinking about it right now. 
  • Creative writing was something that I really enjoyed as a kid. I went to this creative writing class at the university closest to my house for three or four summers in a row called the Great Valley Writing Project. I loved it so much. I always felt so special there, like I really belonged. I wanted to be a zillion things when I was a kid but the thing I wanted to be for the longest time was a writer. This week, I just started some creative free writing. I was at a coffee shop on a long afternoon break from work and I just wrote about the first things that came to my head. It was exciting! It was the beginnings of a story...of characters and a world where anything was possible. I can't stop thinking about it. 
  • Fall color is beautiful in Korea. It makes me happy every day. No joke. I'm also enjoying cardigans, scarves, and boots again. We don't have our new camera yet to take pictures of the beautiful changing leaves, but you can check out Katie's pictures of Seoul here.
  • FIVE more weeks of teaching left! There are various countdowns happening in my life, including a multi-color paper chain in my classroom. Oh yeah, I still make countdown paper chains!


  1. I like this long list of delights. One of my delights is knowing that along with Post Secret, I can look forward to reading your posts on Sundays! 5 days until Busan :) I can't wait to see you two!

    1. Katie, you're the best! This weekend will be super!!