Monday, October 29, 2012

Dilemmas and Delights

This week went by so quickly and the weekend was even quicker! It's great that time is seeming to speed up, because I can NOT wait to get my feet on some Filipino sand. :)

  • I'm getting sick. The weather is getting cooler and it seems like sickness is just popping up everywhere. I've been trying to combat it by just taking it easy and using the neti pot and I hope I can get rid of it soon!
  • There are two classes that I just can not seem to enjoy no matter how I try. They are lower level and so it takes a bit more work to communicate with them. I'm just not as gung-ho as I once was, I guess. 
  • We went to Busan and were expecting to see a massive fireworks show but there was torrential rain, thunder, and lightening and the show got a time when we couldn't see it because we had to leave. Wah, wah. 
  • It's the end of the month which means, report cards. Blah. 

  • We got a package from my mom and we got tons of goodies! :) She is seriously the best at sending packages, always tucking little surprises in every nook and cranny. Thank you Mom!! We love you! 
  • We saw our wedding video, finally!! We've been married for a while now but for multiple reasons beyond our control, we hadn't been able to the video until now. It's beautiful and amazing and I"m SO glad we have it. It takes me right back! Thanks for making it for us Mike! 
  • We bought a little fall plant from Home Plus and it makes me happy to see the pretty blooms when I get home every day. 
  • I read the first two books in the trilogy called Matched by Ally Condie last week. I would've read the third one, too but it doesn't come out until November 13th. If you liked Hunger Games or 1984, you'll like this series! 
  • My eyes are feeling great and I can see so well! LASIK is well worth it. 
  • Last but certainly not least, we had a great time in Busan (even with the rain) visiting friends and dancing the night away in Halloween costumes. Thank you Courtney, Amanda, and Pete for being great hosts!! We had SO MUCH fun! 
  I love that Gangnam Style pose, Holly! :)

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