Monday, November 12, 2012

Dilemmas and Delights

I'm starting to get really sentimental about leaving Korea. We've had such a good life here and made some great friends. Our job wasn't bad and I've taught some of the same kids since I started over a year ago. I'll miss some of them and some of them I will leave with joy, but all of them have helped me learn and grow as a teacher and as a person. Korea is a great place to live and I can see ourselves possibly coming back one day. I already know I'll miss it. This is going to be a very bittersweet goodbye.

  • Packing is a task! We have so much stuff to organize and decide what to send home, get rid of, or leave for our replacements. It's crazy to think how little things I own but still, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 
  • Indian visa - I've been working on getting our visas for India and I screwed up, twice. First of all, I sent all our documents in but forgot to send our passports. I felt so dumb when I realized that....and then, I didn't transfer them enough money so I had to go back to the bank. Ugh, I hate the bank here. Anyway, it should all be fine now and be processing. I can't wait to get our passports back in our hands!
  • My mom had surgery a few days ago and we're hoping she's doing well and sending good healthy vibes her way. It's hard not to be home in times like these. I love you, Mom! 
  • My birthday! My birthday was on the 12th and we celebrated all weekend long. We went out to dinner and bowling on Saturday and then we went out for dinner and cake again on Monday. Spencer got me a super fun birthday present, an instant camera! I love it so much and am having so much fun taking photos with it. The pictures seem so special since there is just one. 
  • The trees are beautiful and I love them. I appreciate them every day. On Sunday, we went for a walk to take some pictures of them and go our for coffee. It was the perfect picture taking weather and I think they turned out well. 
  • Making travel plans - We've been researching and planning our upcoming trip for a long time but recently, we've been booking a few places to stay during busy times (Christmas/New Years). It's so exciting to know that we are so close to departing for this trip! I feel like I've been waiting for it for so long! EEEEeeeee!! :)
  • Two weeks left in Suncheon and one lazy week in Seoul before we leave for our first stop, the Philippines!!!! :)


  1. I can relate to most of these things, and I'm right there with ya sista! Countdowns have begun. Days left teaching, Days til you arrive, Days left in Seoul, Says until I have my toes in the sand and the sun in my eyes...

    PS. It's -1c this morning in Seoul.. We are leaving at the best time!

    1. Countdowns keep me sane at this point! 8 more days of teaching!

      Omg, so cold! I am so grateful I won't have to suffer through another Korean winter! ....but it does make you appreciate the spring that much more!