Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beginning in Boracay

Here we are on this gorgeous tropical island of Boracay. It's breathtakingly beautiful here and full of tourists from all over the world.

The walkway along the beach is lined with shops and walking vendors selling everything you could possibly need while vacationing here; snorkels, sunglasses, dresses, flip flops, hats, souvenirs, and the most expensive sunscreen on the planet. We haven't bought much along this walkway because everything is more expensive here than if you just walk inland a little bit. The best thing we've done along this walkway was buy a coffee and a mango shake and just sit and take it all in: the people walking by, the brilliant sea, and the storm clouds rolling in from Typhoon Pablo.

Yes, there is a typhoon headed our way today! It's a big one, but it should be less strong by the time it reaches us, hopefully anyway.

The past couple of days have been super relaxing. We eat, we walk, we swim, we eat, we walk, we swim. The water is clear, cool, and wonderfully refreshing. We only go swimming around 3 or 4 in the afternoon to avoid the sun's harsh rays on our super white skin. We're wearing tons of sunscreen as well, of course.

Yesterday, we took some great photos underwater with our waterproof camera case and it worked flawlessly. It was super fun and we got some cool shots. I was so looking forward to uploading them but, unfortunately, our camera cord got lost in Seoul somehow. We have to find a new one now. :/

We've both agreed that this is a great first stop for our trip. It's relaxing and beautiful and also, since it's so touristy, it's kind of easing us into the travel lifestyle. We still have some of the conveniences of home, everyone speaks English, and the food isn't scary. Plus, even with the typhoon coming, it feels safe. The people are kind and the vendors and sales people aren't too pushy.

Our hostel/guesthouse is nicer than I anticipated. We have a good sized corner room which allows a nice cross breeze to roll through. We have a bed—that's really just a thick piece of foam on a frame, some shelves, a vanity, and a fan. We share the bathrooms and even though the shower is just dumping a bucket of cool water over my head, I don't mind it at all. I feel like a real traveler now, even though we've just begun!

I'm off to lay in the hammock on the balcony and read. The wind is picking up but we'll be okay.