Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chiang Mai by Scooter

Now that we've returned from our Mae Hong Son loop trip, we don't want to let go of our scooter lifestyle. We've seen the freedom a scooter can bring and don't want to give it up until we get on that bus to head to Laos.

Since we're just using it to get around town and not to carry all our stuff as well, we downgraded to just one instead of two. This is more economical and is also really great for taking pictures and videos while zooming (not really zooming Mom, promise!) around the city.

Today we ate breakfast at our new favorite place (Nice Kitchen on Moonmuang Soi 6), got our teeth cleaned (for $20 each! a steal!), and then zipped about the city documenting as many streets and cool buildings/temples as we could. We got some really great videos but our netbook, named The Teeny Kiwi (it's green, it's small, it's so cute!) doesn't play HD videos. So you all are going to have to wait for the epic videos and enjoy these beautiful photos in the meantime.

Enjoy loves! 

the King!
jungle tree by the moat
a small street in Old Town
a temple's stupa
tuk tuk
driveway with the Thailand flag
you're never far from a temple in Chiang Mai's Old Town
someone likes color! :)
little shrine on an inside corner of the wall
Spencer driving, I'm playing photographer
typical street
Buddha store
boy in a "sidecar" near Chiang Mai University
very cool thatched building near Chiang Mai University
leafy building near Chiang Mai University
there we are!! :)

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