Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Terminal 21 Mall

This is the best mall I've ever been to in my entire life.

The stores are all great, of course, but the real treat is the themes. Yes, themes!! Every floor is a different city and the escalators are like the airports. The attention to detail is meticulous and beautiful. Even the security guards and cleaning staff wear costumes!

If you go to Bangkok, you have to go to this mall. Here's the evidence of its awesomeness, in pictures.

escalator "airport terminals"
security on the London floor
I love the light fixtures on the Istanbul floor!
some of the floors or "destinations" - (from bottom to top) Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco
The Golden Gate, complete with mini-cars!
One of the best parts was, surprisingly, the bathrooms! Every bathroom was totally in character and exquisite.

bathroom on the Paris floor
bathroom on the Rome floor - that fountain is the sink!

For more information, here's the mall's Wikipedia page.


  1. Ummm WOW!!!! And those bathrooms?! Crazy!

    1. ALL the bathrooms were incredible. We went to every one!