Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Rangoon's number one thing to see is Shwe Dagon Pagoda. It is on one of the many different lists of the Seven Wonders of the World and is the pride and joy of the Buddhist community in Burma, which means that pretty much everyone loves it.

ShweDagon is a massive collection of Buddha's, temples, and stupas of various sizes and decoration. There is so much ornate detail and beauty that you could go many times without seeing everything.

The feeling at the temple is very relaxed and family friendly. People are praying and making offerings while others and chatting to their friends and family on cell phones while children run circles around them. It has a wonderful sense of community and openness about it, especially at night.

Tourists pay a fee to get in and the ticket is good all day so we went once in the morning and then went back again at night to see all the lights and sparkle. It was so peaceful and cool at night that we ended up hanging out there for quite a while.

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