Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Week in Jaipur

We took our time in Jaipur. We stayed at some really nice, cheap hotels, relaxed on more rooftop restaurants than I can count, and celebrated Holi (the festival where the color run got all its ideas!). It was epically beautiful.

Jaipur is known as "the pink city" but it's really more dusty coral than pink. Still, it was cool and pretty easy to navigate for a city of its size. Jaipur is the gateway to Rajastan, India's desert state. It's arid, sandy, and can get downright scathingly hot. Thankfully we were there in Spring and the weather was perfect. The first thing we did is explore the old city, aka "the pink city." You can decide if it's pink or not!

Another day Spencer and I went to see the Amer Fort, perched high on the hills surrounding the city. There are elephants to ride up and lots of tourists around. The fort itself is elaborate, beautiful, and old. It was still a cool thing to see even though it gets so many visitors. 

One of the best things we did in Jaipur was go to feed some monkeys at the "Monkey Temple." Now, I'm not sure if the temple is really called the monkey temple or it just got named that since so many people feed monkeys on the walk up to the temple. Either way it was very cool to feed them peanuts and watch them crack them open and eat them or save them in the cheeks for later.

That night after the monkey temple, we went up to another hilltop to watch the sunset and see the city lights. It was impressive.

And then, there was Holi.

It was wild. It was crazy. It was epic.

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