Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Trip to Taronga Zoo

Last week we took a trip out to the Taronga Zoo and we just happened to be so lucky as to pick the most beautiful day to do it on. The zoo is across the bay from the main part of Sydney and so we had to got to take a ferry. The views from the ferry were phenomenal!

When we arrived at the other side, we were allowed to take the Sky Train up to the zoo since we already had our tickets. Lucky us! (If you don't have your tickets already, you can take the bus up to the zoo but don't forget to take the Sky Train down after your visit because it's amazing.)

Once we got to the top, off we went exploring in the sunshine. Hope you enjoy the photos!

"Look how big this plant is!!"

a native

We saw a real platypus too, but didn't get a good picture of it. They are smaller than I thought!
tee hee hee

I think it's a boy...


The bird show was really cool!

The giraffes have the best view.

It was a really good day with good friends!

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