Sunday, August 18, 2013

Darling Glebe

We've settled in a charming little neighborhood called Glebe in the Inner West area of Sydney. It's nestled between hipster Newtown and the bay on a little hill. It's full of  friendly people, bustling shops, and Victorian homes with the most beautiful wrought iron I've ever seen. It's a wonderful place to call home!

This dog always sits in the doorway of this used book shop on Glebe Point Road. He's well trained and friendly. What a cutie!

The fresh produce at this market is always great quality (as it is at most places in Sydney) and they have great sales. The lack of general space and giant stacks of fruits and vegetables add to the quaintness I like so much. 

And then there are the bars! We've only been to a couple of them but they've been great. Good people, good drinks, good vibe!

 A walkers dream! I feel so lucky that we are within walking distance to so many things!

 This is a very cool, although expensive, antique shop.

 Is that Dumbledore on the right, next to Spiderman?? Not sure what this mural is for but I like it!

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