Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going to China in Sydney

Last weekend we were on a mission to find the most magical and delicious hot sauce in the world: sriracha. We heard from our friend Kaylee that we could find some in Chinatown, so off we went! It was another beautiful day in Sydney. From our house in Glebe, we were able to walk there and we took in the Chinese Friendship Garden on the way as well. 

The garden is very beautiful and well cared for with bonsai, a pond with huge koi fish, bridges, trees, traditional Chinese structures, and even a place where you can dress up in Chinese costumes to wear around the garden. It being early spring in Sydney, I especially enjoyed the flowering trees!

After the friendship garden, we navigated to Chinatown where we saw a cool outdoor art installation, bought some of our favorite Korean snacks at a little Korean grocery shop, and finally found our beloved hot sauce.

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