Thursday, August 1, 2013

Settled in Sydney

We are currently renting a room in Sydney! Our bags are unpacked, our clothes put away. We have a new duvet and pillows. Things are definitely feeling more concrete. We are really living in Australia!

We are living in a townhouse (they call it a "terrace" here in Oz) and it's over 100 years old. (Photo at top.) There is some incredible crown molding and a fire place in our room. The paint choices are questionable but it's definitely got character, which I love. We share the house with three other people who have been very kind and welcoming, like most people we've met so far in Australia.

One of the best parts about the house is the location. We are just a couple of blocks from the main shopping street in Glebe. There are shops, cafes, restaurants, dry cleaners, and bookstores all within steps of our door. This is something that I was really looking forward to in living in a big city, especially since we don't have a car here.

I'm excited to continue exploring our neighborhood and all of Sydney in the months to come! 

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