Monday, October 21, 2013


My first in-person lesson on Australian slang was on the plane ride here with the little girl sitting next to me. She told me she had "heaps of friends" at preschool. She was adorable. 

heaps of - basically, how I would use the word "hella"

How ya goin'? - How's it going?/How are you?

do a wee - go pee (this is what the boys I babysit say when they have to go pee, or to be more exact "I'm doin' a wee")

good on ya - good job, well done, good going you

CBD - stands for Central Business District, what we would call "downtown"

lollies - candy

bogan - redneck

bottle shop - liquor store

mackas - McDonalds

arvo - afternnoon, particularly in text messages we've noticed

prawn - shrimp (You would never actually hear someone say "throw some shrimp on the barbie" They don't say shrimp!)

no dramas - like "no worries"

mate - dude

full on - extreme/very much so/out of control For example: I was in a bar at 9:30pm and overheard two people talking about their friend. Girl: She's already vomited. Guy: Yeah, she's full on.

sweet as - like we would say, "yeah, it was sweet as f***!" Also have heard good as.

Australians like to shorten sayings, words, and most people's names. Nicknames are common among friends, which I find absolutely endearing.

Also, this list just scratches the surface! There are TONS of slang words and things they just call different names. Part of the fun is discovering them yourself, so get on down here and explore the English language!   


  1. Haha, I love your descriptions. They are all so true! If I was an aussie, I would go by Kath! But, I rarely hear that in the states.

    Do your kids say Toastie for toasted bread with vegemite, too? Mine also always say cuddle and rarely hug, call Jello Jelly, and sprite lemonade, but not sure if thats just them or all aussies.

    1. Yeah, I've come across some of those with the boys. Hugs are either "a cuddle" or "a huggle", any kind of toasted sandwich is a "toastie", and "jelly" is jell-o, not jam. Not sure about the sprite thing! :)