Thursday, October 31, 2013

Whale Watching

Since I know I suffer from motion sickness, I took medication before boarding the boat. When you have a history of queasiness and the company writes about it on every correspondence, it's a must. Still, I felt the uneasy feeling in my stomach as I held on to the shiny silver railing of the boat. I focused on the horizon to try and trick my brain into thinking I wasn't rocking on a boat. It worked for a while until I couldn't take my eyes off of the ocean's creatures dipping in and out of the big blue bouncing sea.

I watched as the backs of three humpback whales appeared out of the water, one by one, as if they were taking turns. Then their tails poked out. I imagined them feeling the air with their bodies like we would go to the sea to feel the water on our toes. A little out of our element but loving it all the same.

We found the whales almost as soon as we left the harbor and stayed with them for a couple hours. They were moving slowly, which meant the boat was also moving slowly, which meant it was rocking. The crew kept talking about how flat it was, while my stomach mumbled something entirely different. "If this was flat, I never want to be out on a rough day!" I thought.

I took deep breaths and tried to keep on eye on the whales gliding around in the water. It was very cool to see the whales just doing their thing out in the wild but I was very happy when it was time to put my feet on the sturdy ground.

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