Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I'm a serious crafter. I love making things to a point where if feels like I need to make things. My mom is a serious crafter too, so I think it's in my blood (or at least in my upbringing).

In the past, I've refrained from posting about my craft projects on Destination Exploration because I wanted this space to be more about travel. However, I'm going to change that because half the time, I'm not traveling. I'm living. Yes, I'm living as an expatriate but I'm still living, not traveling. And when I live, I craft.

Here are some projects I've done since coming to Australia. The first is one of my favorites and it was so simple. I just plucked a long stick out of someone's garden, took it home, snapped it into four pieces, and tied it together. I originally wanted to tie a long string to the top and hang it but since we're renting, I decided against it. It's a fun way to show off instant camera photos. (BTW, instant cameras are super fun!)

I read this book from the library called The Secret Lives of the Impressionists and it inspired me to paint with oil paint. I experimented a little with oil paints in Korea but this was my first real go at it. Both pieces are painted from pictures I took while traveling in Burma/Myanmar. The red flower is from a fantastic tree that dotted the countryside. They were mesmerizing.

The second is of a dusty lane outside Mandalay where we stopped to visit a crumbling ancient temple. A place from back in time where people still use a horse and cart to get around.

I've recently been working on some digital crafting. I'm learning about graphic design and using InDesign and Illustrator by taking some free Skillshare classes and getting help from Spencer. It's fun to play with shapes and type. These are my very first two projects! Spencer helped me with the business card a lot. I did the robot on my own.