Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Blue Mountains Christmas

I wasn't lying when I said we barely got home from our last trip to the Blue Mountains before booking another stay up there. I love the mountains and this time around was even better because we got to spend it with Katie.

Katie's here! 
If you didn't know, Katie is Spencer's sister. She came to Australia two days after us but was living in Perth being an au pair. Now she is finally over in Sydney. Yay! 

Some days were rainy and misty...

the trail from Govett's Leap Lookout to Evan's Lookout (We looked out at fog. Womp, womp.)
Some were sunny and bright...

on the Nature Trail in the Wentworth Falls area
And one day was Christmas! Double yay! We opened presents, made mulled wine, Skyped loved ones back home, ate huge amounts of chocolate and watched Elf. Christmas = success!!  

Our AirBnB host left us a tree and decorations! It was a great surprise.
We did a lot of hiking (of course) and saw some great waterfalls. The best hike we did was the hike to Wentworth Falls and then along the National Pass to Empress Falls. The views of the cliffs and forest were amazing and the waterfalls were stunning. It took about three hours and descended/ascended 210 meters. I highly recommend it! 

yes, we were walking on the side of the cliff! 
Wentworth Falls, upper falls
Wentworth Falls, upper and lower falls
half way along the National Pass
We passed lots of these little spray-like waterfalls.
part of Empress Falls
Another great time in the Blue Mountains! Maybe we should go somewhere else next....Melbourne? Cairns? We'll see!

I hope you all had a very happy holiday season!  

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