Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peace Corps Ethiopia

We have officially received and accepted our invitation to serve in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia!! I can't even begin to describe all the emotions I feel about this. We will be leaving for Ethiopia at the end of June, but have plenty to do until then! Now, we have to get a "Final Medical Clearance" which involves going to doctor's offices to validate our good health and getting immunizations. Also, we need to go to the US Embassy here in Australia to get our Peace Corps passports.  

As to what we will be doing in Ethiopia, our program is called "Promoting English Language Learning in Ethiopia (PELLE)" and our title is "English Language Facilitator". We will be working with Ethiopian English language teachers in high schools or at a teacher's college. We won't know which until we are actually there. 

From early July to mid-September, we'll be in "pre-service training" in Ethiopia where we'll learn about Ethiopian culture, the local language, how to do basic tasks in Ethiopia (like shop for food, hand wash clothing, and take a bucket shower), and receive training on teaching English as a foreign language. During training, we'll be living with an Ethiopian family as part of a homestay. After pre-service training, we'll take a language test and then we will be sworn in as official Peace Corps Volunteers! After the swearing in ceremony, we'll move to our "site" which is where we will be living for the following two years. 

I"m so looking forward to this opportunity and can't wait to learn more about Ethiopia and its people. I've been interested in international aid work and sustainable development for a long time and am excited at the prospect of being able to get some real world experience in this area. I can hardly wait for the adventures to come!  

Where exactly is Ethiopia?? Here you go.



  1. I never comment on your blog even thought I have been following for a while on bloglovin, but this sounds so cool! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jessica! I'm glad to know you're out there reading! :)