Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Royal National Park

We recently had a couple long weekends due to Easter and Anzac Day (like Veterans Day in the States). It was nice to get a little break from work and one day we took a day trip down to Royal National Park. To get there we took a bus, a train, and a ferry. It was cloudy and drizzly the whole day but even so, it was worth it. Take a look...

Since the weather was not great, we were some of the few people out enjoying the park. Climbing over the rocky shore, it felt like we were all alone in uncharted territory. When we finally climbed up the cliff to try and find the real trail, we found this beautiful grassy area that looked like it came straight out of a Disney movie.

Then we saw a pod of dolphins riding the waves and leaping out of the water. It was incredible!! We were so happy to see them. What a treat! We took a little video of them.

Finally, on the way back to the ferry at the end of the day, we were right in the middle of a chorus of laughing kookaburras. Here's a video of one laughing, if you'd like to see. Now, imagine that multiplied by about 10 to get what we heard. It was very cool.

A big thanks to this guy for planning the whole day. You're the best, Spence!

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