Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Market

Saturday is market day. Everyone in town knows it and everyone goes. It's crowded, exciting, and this time of year, dusty.

At the market, there are all kinds of fruit, vegetables, grains, clothes, shoes, and basic supplies. There are men, women, children, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, and lots and lots of sunshine. The market is in the afternoon and there are no trees to offer shade. Some vendors have made awnings and others, like myself, use umbrellas.

When we first arrived in Durame and went the market, I was really overwhelmed. Everyone was very interested in us. They wanted to know what we were buying, what we were saying, and of course, what we were doing at their market. We had crowds of people surrounding us at all times. We talked to them in Amharic and explained we lived in Durame and would be here for two years. We spoke as much Amharic as we could and even bargained using it to make sure we wouldn't get a higher price than everyone else. “We are volunteers. We are English teachers.” we would say.

As the weeks have gone by, the crowds around us are less. People are getting more used to us and the vendors help us chase any annoying kids away. I've learned some Kambatissa (the local language, spoken only in our zone) and people love it when I speak to them using it. If I want to make anyone laugh, I can just say hello in Kambatissa! :)

There are boys who troll the market selling plastic bags and they always follow us around. They were very interested in my camera so I took a picture of them so they could see it. They loved seeing themselves on the little screen. I've gotten really annoyed with them in the past and told them to go away in both Amharic and Kambatissa. Sometimes, a little kindness goes farther than a lot of anger. This picture was the kindness. Maybe next week we'll be allies.


  1. yeah you have some really nice photos! i gotta bring my camera out more at market haha