Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tie Dye!

Since we’ve been bouncing around the past few years in terms of where we lay our heads, our beds have all been uncomfortable. In both Korea and Australia, we didn’t choose our bed, it came with the place. And during pre-service training, we had a tiny bed with a footboard, so Spencer didn’t fit at all and had to lie sideways, which left me curled up in a corner. It was awful.

When we finally got to move to Durame and had to choose a bed for the next two years, I didn’t want to skimp. I wanted a huge bed with pillows and pretty blanket. It was the one thing I really wanted: a nice bed. The biggest size mattress they have available here is about a double, which was not up to par, so I had this idea to put two twin mattresses together to create a king size. We found a set of very expensive king size sheets in Addis and the only color they had was white. There were only two sets on the shelf. We bought them because we had no other choice. But remember, we live in East Africa, where half the year is incredibly dusty and the other half is muddy. Also, we shower about twice a week. White sheets are not ideal.

So I asked my gorgeous mom to send us a tie dye kit! I had tie dye sheets in college and I thought it would be a fun project. A couple weeks ago, Spencer and I finally got around to it and now we have fun, colorful sheets.

I’ve said this before, but it’s really the little things that can make or break a Peace Corps service. For me, I love reading a good book with a nice cup of tea, getting care packages (especially with food and magazines), making arts and crafts, and my bright tie dye sheets on my king size bed. :)