Thursday, May 7, 2015

Eating in Addis Ababa: Sishu and Natani Cafe

There is one thing that every Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia looks forward to when coming to the capital, and that's eating! In Addis, we can get the best foreign food in the country, with so many options. In our towns and villages, restaurants can be very limited (read: only Ethiopian food) but in Addis we can get burgers, cheesecake, salads, pizza, bacon, tikka masala with naan, four cheese pasta, cupcakes, cold beer, and so much more. It's like heaven. Ask any Peace Corps volunteer what they miss most from home and "food" will most likely be in the top 3. I know many people who say it's the number one thing they miss after their friends and family.

The best burgers in Ethiopia are definitely found at Sishu. The food is great (although expensive, especially on our measly budget) and the place is very cool. It's an old warehouse and styled with a mid-century vibe. All that, and they have clean bathrooms with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels to dry your hands(!!). (Paper towels are a big deal.)

Another favorite is Natani Cafe, where they have amazing cheesecake (and probably other desserts but I always get the cheesecake because it's that good!). Oh yeah, one time we got lunch and it was delicious and reasonably priced (for Bole). 

There are so many other great places to eat in Addis, but usually I'm too busy talking with friends I haven't seen in months and then feverishly eating that I don't take pictures. I've decided to just share these two restaurants now, and I will add more as I have more photos.

What are your favorite restaurants in Addis?? I also love MK's, Lime Tree, Cupcake, and Ifoya (not sure on the roman character spelling of that last one).

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  1. Nice to see some normal, burgars and fries. We take so much for granted. hugs little girl, love, bmitw