Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Little, New Things Around

Rainy season is here, and with it, a few new things have arrived at the High household in Durame.

Two chill dudes to steep tea with...

Our compound family got two new cats, and one of them is positively teeeeny! 

Colorful and fun new clothes pins came in a care package from my mom. 

She also sent us some colorful, solar powered twinkle lights, which make power outages way more fun.



  1. those tall birds will work two ways. The way you have them and by cliping the toe of the sock to the bird and just hanging the bird over the line. It made me smile to see those birds in action. Hugs hon!

  2. Does the little kitty have a name?

  3. Blue birds watch out just when all seems lost...."the blue bird of happiness will bonk you in the head!" Quote by Bo Bankson, our very own blue bird. I love my kids, so proud of you and Spencer. Looking forward to seeing you, as the days tic toc bye.