Thursday, June 18, 2015

Durame Leadership Camp Invites!

We’ve had a great response from our students concerning the Durame Leadership Camp. I think some of them don’t really know what camp is, but they still want to come and learn from us, which is so heartening!

Together Spencer and I got over 100 applications to fill just 32 spots.  I chose 16 of my students (8 girls and 8 boys) and Spencer chose 16 of his students (also 8 girls and 8 boys). Spencer’s students are finishing up grade 11 and my students are finishing grade 9, so we are planning to give each student a mentor/mentee to help ensure everyone understands the material and can complete the tasks during camp.

I made the invitations you see in all the pictures to give to each camper. Since this week is finals week and we won’t see the students again until camp (over a month away), we wanted to give them something tangible and special to remember to come to camp. We also got their phone numbers so we can remind them the week before.

We still have a lot to work out, but things are coming together nicely! 

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