Monday, August 17, 2015

Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth Park

The journey to the boat cruise from lunch was FULL of elephants! I wanted to stop and take photos and to watch the elephants along the way for so long that the driver was getting worried we’d miss the boat.

Thankfully, we didn’t miss it and were on our way to seeing many animals. There were hippos, water buffalo, elephants, Nile crocodiles, a little, shy bush buck, a stoic pair of eagles, and many other birds. The tour guide was really knowledgeable and good natured, answering questions from even the smallest children on board. One little boy asked, “What’s male?” which I thought was great.

Enough chatter, let’s let the photos speak for themselves.

After the cruise was over, we met back up with our driver to take us back to Omwani. “Did you see elephants?” he asked me. “Yes! You were right!” I answered with a big, happy smile. 

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