Friday, March 25, 2016

AGE Summit 2016

Peace Corps Ethiopia’s Gender and Development Committee (of which I am a part) recently put on a 4-day conference in Addis Ababa called The Action for Gender Equality Summit. It was 4 days of learning about how to be leader, sexual health, gender equality, and teamwork.

the whole Summit crew with Ambassador Susan Page
Ten Peace Corps volunteers from around the country each brought 4 students (2 boys and 2 girls) from their communities and five of them also brought their Ethiopian counterparts. The idea is that the students come to learn about new ideas and how to be a leader and then they can go back to their communities and teach other students about what they learned. Also, they can then be junior counselors at a Camp GLOW (Girls or Girls/Guys Leading Our World) in their area during the summer.

The days were long, beginning at 7am and going until 10 or 10:30pm. We did mostly serious learning, but we also did yoga in the mornings, danced the Whip/Nae Nae, made prayer flags, and had a talent show. It was a good mix of solid learning and fun activities, with a definite emphasis on the solid learning!

morning yoga
students performing skits
We also had a couple guest speakers, a career panel, and the girls ran in the annual Women First 5k. The race is only for women and was a lot of fun! The boys made signs to cheer us on the night before, and it was so cool to see them holding up signs for us and gender equality.

the boys cheering us on
the Women First 5k, 2016
All the students, counterparts, Peace Corps volunteers, and additional volunteers from organizations in Addis were so great. We created our own little community during those 4 days and worked together so well. I hope the students learned a lot and had a lot of fun both at the AGE Summit and visiting their nation’s capital (for most, it was their first time in Addis). I’m so proud of everyone who was involved in this event. It couldn’t have been great without everyone who was there! Thank you!

Crossing the River, a team building activity
It was amazing to be a part of the AGE Summit and I am so proud of our committee!

the GAD Committee

Search #AGESummit2016 for more photos!

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